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Our Fees
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Our Fees

Start an ironing business in your area and together we'll make it grow

We've been running a successful ironing business since 2011. With our full support, we want you to enjoy the same success by running your own ironing business and joining our family of Ironing Angels across the UK.

The truth is, operating an ironing business using our guidance is easy. Building a brand that will attract the right people, gain their trust and turn potential sales into loyal customers; that's the real challenge.

That's where we come in; we'll promote your business, give you excellent customers, show you how to operate an efficient ironing business, and give you all the tools you'll need to be great.

See how it works and remember, it's your business, you're the boss


We will provide you with fantastic customers from your area


You choose a convenient time for you and the customer to collect


You can iron at home using standard household equipment


Using our App, manage orders with automated customer updates


After drop-off, customers will pay you by cash or bank transfer


We take commission and membership fees at the end of the month

Training & Support

We provide full training and ongoing support so you'll never be on your own


We'll help you grow your business to the size which suits you

Our most successful agent generates almost £70,000 in annual sales

We want you to be successful

Because we charge a commission on sales, we're only successful when you're successful. As partners, we work with you to grow your business to the size which suits you.

Women on the phone talking to a Hot Iron customer

We provide high-quality customers

We'll ensure our message spreads throughout your area, converting fantastic customers who are prepared to pay more for our all-inclusive professional service. Once we refer a customer, they become yours, and you have full control of your working relationship.

Ironing Angel who's happy as she's finished a customers ironing

Maximise your hourly rate

With almost a decade of personal experience, we've honed our processes and built custom tools so you spend the least amount of time and deliver maximum value. We know the best equipment, ironing techniques are optimised, and many regular tasks are automated.

An ironing Angel who is happy and in control

You're in control

Our platform allows you to grow to the size you aspire. You can stay small doing just a few hours a day or iron full-time helped by a team of assistants. You can even add any existing clients commission-free. It's your company, and you're in control.

Easily manage your business in one place

Administration is a necessary cost for any business. Still, we believe you should spend the minimum amount of time performing routine tasks like entering customer orders or your own expenses. So we've developed a custom online platform designed specifically for the ironing industry.

Backed by full training, you'll have access to our mobile-friendly platform so you can quickly perform administration tasks from anywhere in the world. Many accounting, communication and sales tasks are automated so you can focus on the work you're paid to do.

Level up your existing ironing business

We believe existing ironing companies should have the opportunity to benefit from our Ironing franchise package too. It doesn't matter if you have one, ten or one hundred customers. We think all of your customers should be able to benefit from our expert service, and we believe you deserve to be suitably rewarded.

Ironing Franchise for Existing Businesses

We've designed our franchise package with existing ironing businesses in mind. The work we have done ensures new and current customers can co-exist and receive the same great benefits. better still, we'll only charge a commission fee on the customer we have provided.

  • No commission on existing customer orders
  • Manage new and existing customers in one place
  • Add custom pricing
  • Automated accounts and communication
  • Data import helping you migrate to our platform

Frequently asked questions

We're sure you'll have many questions, and hopefully, we'll be able to answer them in this section. If you're still unclear on anything, feel free to contact us for a friendly chat.

As you can imagine, it's difficult to answer this question as it depends on your location. However, we have a team of marketing experts and skilled search engine optimisation engineers who will engage in many activities across paid and free advertising channels. With that said we'd expect an average influx of customer at 4 to 6 per month. We want you to be successful, and we'll do all we can to ensure you are.
That's entirely up to you. Any customer we refer will become your responsibility allowing you to control how the ironing fits in with your lifestyle and workload. We'll also work with you to attract new customers in areas you're already visiting, which will reduce your need to travel to many locations.
No, you can start with your standard iron and ironing board. However, we recommend a good steam generator and ironing table as this will allow you to iron much more quickly. We have a range of recommendations for everyone's budget.
We will take the initial call from the customer and explain our products and services. We'll refer the customer to you and add them to the management platform. The customer becomes your customer, and you will be responsible for managing future interactions.
The answer to that question is down to you, and far you'd need to travel. Still, we'd expect you to earn something in the region of £21 per hour during the periods you're ironing.
Administration and commission fees will be taken automatically at the end of each month.
You can cancel your account at any time giving 60 days notice. You must also give Hot Iron the first right to transfer customers we have provided to a new agent of our choice.
Yes, you can! Our platform will allow you to add your existing customers. You'll only be charged a commission on orders from new customers while your current customers will benefit from our automated systems.

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