You can earn around £17 per hour runing your small ironing business

We believe you should be able to enjoy a decent income when you become an Ironing Angel, and we also think you should be happy in your work. We're able to provide you with the opportunity for great success by offering the type of service which appeals to high-quality customers who will pay more for the privilege.

Our ability to attract fantastic customers, coupled with our time-saving procedures allows you to achieve more with less time. Your customers will be grateful for the work you do, and you'll be able to maximise your hourly rate.


We'll create and manage several pages on our highly trusted website advertising your services in your area.

Boost Search Results

We'll regularly optimise the performance of our website in Google for the keywords which attract visitors in your area.


We'll perform various advertising techniques in your area, including social media posts, paid ads and traditional leafletting.

Competitive Pricing

We'll provide a fixed price list which we know to be acceptable in your area and profitable for you.

High-Quality Customers

We'll take calls from potential customers and convert them into your customer.

Orders & Expenses

We'll provide a mobile-friendly website where you can record, track and manage your orders and expenses.

Business Analytics

Through our mobile-friendly web platform, we'll provide tools so you can analyse sales, expenses and profit.

Tax Return

We'll automatically calculate your tax return figures which you can access via the mobile-friendly administration website.

Customer Updates

We'll automatically inform your customer when an order is complete and how much it costs.

Equipment Advice

We'll guide you to the best equipment and materials you should use to maximise your productivity.

Ironing Techniques

We'll provide, support, guidance, and when necessary training so you can earn more per hour.

Ongoing Support

We'll always be at the end of a phone to help you and promise to continue to innovate and enhance our services.

Success stories