We've unlocked the secret to a successful ironing business and we want to put you in the center

Proven Track Record

We've been running our own Ironing business since 2011, and with annual sales greater than £50,000, we're proof of what you can achieve.

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Always Innovating

We're leading the field when it comes to the use of technology to save you time and provide greater convenience for your customers.

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A lady giving a thumbs up to the Hot Iron franchise

A Strong Brand

We're passionate about serving you and your customers. Those who know us, known we stand for excellence in the ironing service industry.

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Adoptable Strategy

Executing our business strategy with greatness has been the key to our success, and now we've packaged it so you can do the same.

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Our Philosophy

We believe if you're going to do something, then you should do it to the best of your ability. And if you're going to provide an ironing service, then we think you should offer it to the type of customer who is looking for a convenient professional service.

The success we have enjoyed with our own ironing business is proof of what is possible. We believe customers across the UK should be able to benefit from the fantastic package we have to offer helped by a community of successful Ironing Angels.

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Customer Focused

There's an important question you should ask before operating your own ironing company. Who are your customers? If your answer is 'everyone who needs ironing', then I'm afraid conventional wisdom says you are wrong because no service is for everyone. Identifying your customers allows you to make essential decisions on services, quality, convenience and cost. At the Hot Iron, we know who your customers are, we know how to attract them, and we understand how you can keep them coming back.

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Operational Greatness

The type of customer who's attracted to the Hot Iron values quality, convenience and our comprehensive service. Within our own ironing company, we've perfected numerous business practices across all aspects of the business that have allowed us to demonstrate excellence to our customers. Many of these practices are automated or require little effort on your part, yet still shows keen attention to detail. By demonstrating operational greatness, you will earn the trust and respect of your customer.

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Always Innovating

With a combined 30 years in the tech industry, we're passionate about innovation and how it's changing the way we live our lives. As consumers, we're increasingly expecting the integration of the services we use into smartphones and smart speakers. As providers of a service, we look to technology to make our lives easier by removing friction and automating routine tasks. Our platform already offers many smart features for you and your customers, and we promise never to stop looking for possibilities to add value through technology.