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We'll invest to find you great customers and we'll continue to invest in you so your business will grow.

If your location doesn't work for you, it doesn't work for us. If our investigation shows your area can't support a Hot Iron business, we'll let you know from the start so you don't waste your time and money.

£34.99 Business Report

Our comprehensive business report shows the work you'll put in and how much you can earn

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Still Interested?

Like what you see in the report? Enjoy a friendly chat, and discuss the details before committing

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£149.99 Start-Up Fee

Your iron should be okay, but you'll need materials and to show you're committed to your new business

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£24.99 Monthly Fee

Full access to our team and all our state-of-the-art ironing business software applications

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12.5% Sales Commission

On a £30 order, you'll receive £26.25, and you'll spend 1.5-hour ironing

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Start here to predict your future

The last thing you want is to invest time and money into an ironing business and subsequently discover it can't support your ambitions. By running our business model in your area, we can see if your location will support a Hot Iron ironing business. You'll know the areas we are targeting, how we stack up against the competition and, more importantly, how much you can expect to earn.

Start with your personalised business report for £34.99

The report will provide a detailed picture of what you can expect from an ironing business in your area. Start your journey with confidence and no commitment to proceed.

  • Detailed investigation into your area
  • One-on-one telephone consultation
  • No commitment to continue
  • See how much you can earn
  • Know the areas you'll be covering
  • Discover your competition
  • Discuss expected business growth
  • Answers to all your questions

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You'll receive our full support

When you become a Hot Iron Ironing Angel, you'll receive all the help and support you need to turn your business into the success you're looking for.


Using our many advertising channels, we'll supply you with first-class customers.

Industry-Leading Software

Save time and money with our mobile-friendly customer and finance management platform.

Optimised Business Processes

Work smart, not hard. We've honed many business practices over the years so you can shine.


Armed with many years of experience, we're always available on the phone to help.