With our introductory offer, you'll have the best possible start

We believe in providing you with a higher return on the fees we apply. It's because we can offer more value to your customers, that we're able to charge more for your services. We can also help you to do more in less time with our automated and optimised business practices.

We'll only charge a commission fee on the customers we have provided for as long as they're your customer. Better still, any current customers can be added to our platform, receiving the full benefits of our platform.

10% Commission on Sales

We don't charge a commission fee on any of your existing customers.

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Year 1: £14.99 Per Month

Our introductory offer means you can keep your costs down in that all-important first year.

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Year 2+: £24.99 Per Month

Full access to our industry-leading customer and finance management suite so you can work smarter.

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Step One: Minimising your risk

Like any worthwhile investment, starting your own business isn't without risk. So the first step towards becoming a Hot Iron Angel is to purchase our personalised business plan to minimise any risk of operating our ironing franchise package in your area. We customise the report to your area and aspirations giving you the confidence that an ironing business in your area is worthy of your time and money. The last thing we want is for you to purchase equipment, materials and services only to find the business can't support your ambitions. When you're happy with our proposal we'll offer you a franchise with the first-year administration fees at a discounted rate.

£29.99 for our Personalised Business Plan

You'll receive a multi-page report by email where you'll learn many things, including who your competitors are, the areas we'll be targeting, and our predictions for your monthly earnings. Together we'll review the report, allowing you to make any final changes to travel and working hours.

  • We'll deduct £29.99 from your 1st-year admin fees
  • Assessment of your competitors
  • Area research and identify target locations
  • Earnings prediction based on your aspirations
  • Proposed sales and marketing strategy
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Step Two: Reduced Costs in Your First-Year

The first year for any business is always the most challenging. It takes time to build a solid customer base, and even with our full support, it can still take months before you reach your target earnings. So, while sales are low in those early months, we'll apply a massive discount to your monthly administration fee.

£14.99 per month (first year billed annually)

We'll provide high-quality customers via our trusted website and online marketing campaigns. You'll receive full access to our mobile-friendly order management, accounting and business guide services. Finally, we'll be there to support you over the phone or via email whenever you need us.

  • 40% discount on our standard price
  • Multi-channel advertising campaigns
  • Access to our industry-leading software suite
  • Copy of our ironing business guide book
  • Full support by phone or email
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What you can
earn per hour

The % we
take on sales

% Discount in
your 1st year


For £14.99 per month plus commission,
you'll receive our full support

When you become a Hot Iron Ironing Angel, you'll receive all the help and support you need to turn your business into the success you're looking for.


Using our many advertising channels, we'll supply you with first-class customers.

Industry-Leading Software

Save time and money with our mobile-friendly customer and finance management platform.

Optimised Business Processes

Work smart, not hard. We've honed many business practices over the years so you can shine.


Armed with many years of experience, we're always available on the phone to help.