Your path to owning a successful
ironing business starts here.

Running your own ironing company under the Hot Iron brand is a guarantee for success. We attract the most fantastic customers who share our passion for high standards. Working with our Ironing Angels, customers are amazingly considerate too, the mutual respect means everyone is working to help each other.

Hot Iron Ironing Angel carefully folding ironed garments

Attention to Detail

If you're going to do a job, then do it properly, a moto we hope you share. We're looking for people who take pride in their work, their appearance and the cleanliness of their house.

A friendly Ironing Angel with a rail of ironing


If you imagine a successful ironing company was a car engine, then having a friendly attitude, would be the engine oil that makes the car run smoothly.

A Hot Iron Ironing Angel with an organised rail of ironed clothes


Being organised will make your life easier. You should see the value an organised system brings, and you should be keen to adopt the business practices we've developed.

Do you have the essential skills needed to be successful? Check your postcode to reserve your area today.

Three simple steps to becoming a Hot Iron Ironing Angel

We focus on helping you to reach your goals and for you own a fantastic ironing business. We want you to be successful. To be successful you must be a good fit for our brand, and of course, our product must be a good fit for your area. Our 3 stage process will answer these essential questions so you can be confident in becoming a Hot Iron Ironing Angel in your area.

A lady punching the air after reserving her hot iron area franchise

Reserve Your Area

The first step is to see if we already have an Ironing Angel in your area. We focus on growing your company to be the size you want. When there is too much work for one person, we can help by introducing assistants to take on the extra load. Only when you notify us that you don't want to progress further, do we promote a second Ironing Angel in your area. So, if you want the best opportunity for a successful ironing company, then you need to be the first in your area.

A members of Hot Iron writing a personalised business plan for a new Angel

Get Your Personalised Business Plan

The potential for any ironing company depends on several factors. Some are universal, while others are dependant on your location and personal preferences. We take a detailed look at your opportunity to own a successful ironing company in your area. Combining our knowledge and experience with your goals, location and competitors, we can create a detailed personalised report. The business plan will contain information like our promotion strategy, your potential growth, and how much you can expect to earn.

A woman happy on the phone after becoming a new Hot Iron angel

Become a Hot Iron Angel

Within seven days, we'll have your personalised business plan ready, and we'll arrange a convenient time to talk you through our findings. You'll learn the areas we propose to target, who your competitors are, how we'll promote your company and our projections for growth and earnings. You'll also have the opportunity to make any suggestions, after all, it is your company. If you're happy the final step would be to register, then we can begin the vital work of making you and your company great.