Do you have what it takes to join our family of ironing angels?

We attract fantastic customers who share our passion for high standards. Working with you, customers are amazingly considerate, so you can always find a routine that works for everyone.

Hot Iron Ironing Angel carefully folding ironed garments

Attention to Detail

We're looking for people who take pride in their work, their appearance and the cleanliness of their house.

A friendly Ironing Angel with a rail of ironing


You'll be regularly visiting customers, so we're looking for people who care and have a friendly, helpful attitude.

A Hot Iron Ironing Angel with an organised rail of ironed clothes


You should respect an organised system's values and be keen to adopt the business practices we've shown.

Did we describe you? If so, take our quick online test and reserve your area today.

Three simple steps to becoming a Hot Iron Ironing Angel

We focus on helping you to reach your goals and for you own a fantastic ironing business. We want you to be successful. To be successful you must be a good fit for our brand, and of course, our product must be a good fit for your area. Our 3 stage process will answer these essential questions so you can be confident in becoming a Hot Iron Ironing Angel in your area.

A lady punching the air after reserving her hot iron area franchise

Reserve Your Area

The first step is to reserve your area and pay the start-up fees. We focus on growing your company to be the size you want. When there is too much work for one person, we can help by introducing assistants to take on the extra load. We'll only add additional agents in the same area when the existing agent agrees and always prioritise the original agent.

A members of Hot Iron writing a personalised business plan for a new Angel

Review Your Opportunity

The potential for any ironing company depends on the location; some areas will perform better than others. We'll take a detailed look at your location to create a detailed personalised report predicting what you can earn and how far you need to travel. We'll refund the start-up fees if we feel our business model doesn't work in your area.

A woman happy on the phone after becoming a new Hot Iron angel

Become a Hot Iron Angel

You're ready to begin, but before receiving your first order, we'll guide you through the set-up process. Our online management tools are intuitive, and we'll demo essential elements. Advise on banking, equipment, materials, and technique will be provided, so you feel best prepared. Meanwhile, we'll start an advertising campaign to find the first of many customers.