Woman ironing at an ironing board while smiling

Why Ironing is the Perfect Work From Home Job

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The birth of my first child was the beginning of a new way of life, a life which has allowed me to build a fantastic business working from home. I've been running a successful ironing business since 2011, a role which means I can fit my work around my life as a full-time mum. Having...

Two adults in wonder under the infinite sky

Playing an Infinite Game

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I was playing a game of pool with my young son, clearly an unfair match, and without intervention, he was going to lose and lose badly. Of course, being his father, winning was off the menu. Conversely, my fiercely competitive son had a very different mindset; like a lot of young...

Two crocodiles fighting

We are not Crocodiles

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Two crocodiles are basking in the sun, lying at the opposite sides of the river Nile. Simultaneously both crocodiles swing their heads upstream as the smell of a fresh kill instantly triggers their primal instinct. It's feeding time, but for who?

A lone bee collecting pollen

Don't be a Lonely Bee

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A lone bee will die. Without the support of the colony, it doesn't have the means to survive, how can it, it's just a tiny bee. The lack of food and shelter will finally seal its fate as it becomes consumed by the competing forces of nature, lost forever.

An advert for Mrs Potts Cold Handle Sad Iron from 1880

Time Before Electric Irons

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I think we'd find it hard to imagine just how hard life would have been without the electric iron, but before the 1920s, the time when electric irons were first available to the public, that was the reality. What might be surprising is despite the incredible effort, it's clear some...

Hot Iron bag label

It's not Magic, it's Exceptional Planning

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The New Year is always a busy and challenging time for our Ironing Angels. The average order size is unusually high due to the Christmas backlog, and we commonly see a sharp increase in new customers. January really is a popular month, and it's at times like these when we're thankful...